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Just Believe

Mon, 29 Sept 2008 I've prayed and applied to be a lecturer in a university but still no news yet.

I believe You have provided me the better one for me. I don't know what that is, but I BELIEVE ... I BELIEVE. You are able! Nothing is impossible for You (Luk 1 : 37)

Thurs, 24 Sept 2008 This is the time when my life seems, feels STUCK, STAGNANT

Moving ... again

For the 3rd time in 2,5 years ... I am moving to a new room
Confirming that I am a real 'nomaden'
Confirming that I absolutely don't like 'the moving things' yet I did it ...

Because of a silly reason finally I decided to find a new place..

Thank to Jesus, I found it just in several hours ... a nice room, bigger than the previous one, even nearer to my work place .. What I like most is the atmosphere around my room .. the residential area is just nice, clean and very homey .. just like a place where I stayed 2 years back in Surabaya - Kutisari Indah