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I like Food

Although I am a cute girl, I can eat a lot in some occasions. Especially when the food is delicious, or I am in the good mood.

So what is my favorite food?
Here is the list so if there is chance you can treat me :D LOL
- vegetables: stir fried but not too oily, not too hot. I order 1 please.
- soup: ordinary chinese 'clear' soup with tofu or other ingredients
- fish cooked in Indonesian style or steam in chinese style. Tuna fish please.
- seafood I like crabs shrimps just steam it and eat with some condiment is OK for me.
- meat some time
- fruits this is very healthy I like all kind of fruits incl dragon fruit, kiwi
- milk

I guess I am an omnivore "wink wink"
So when is our date ? :)

I miss You

It's been one year I am here.

Just wonder how are you doing ?
I hope you are not sad. I hope you could enjoy your job and activities there, even without me to accompany you.

I miss you

full stop.
Dunno what to write today :D :D

Frustrating Mis-Information

Student : Excuse me, I would like to submit my revised project report according to the Committee’s comments.
Officer : Have you fill the form?
Student : What form?
Officer : Binding form
Student : No, not yet.
Officer : Here is the form
Student : Thank you. (Reading the form) I submit one copy for grammar and format checking.
Officer : There is no need for it. Just submit 2 copies and 1 softcopy in CD
Student : But last time when I came here I was told to submit one copy for grammar and format checking.
Officer : ???
Student : ##!@ If I’ve known this before, I would have prepared 2 copies and the CD. ##!@

The icon is taken from:…

Kdrama: My Girl

This is funny too. Starred by Lee Da Hee, who also the lead role in Hello Miss!

It's almost like other Korean drama, the main character is the girl, and the boy has cold-mannered. Finally the boy falls in love with Lee Da Hee he-thought-fake-cousin.

Kdrama: One Percent of Anything

I like this drama, especially the actress Kim Jung Hwa and actor Kang Dong Won.
Just like beauty and the beast, but gradually the beast turn out become handsome prince finally falls in love with the beauty.

Other reference

I got a Job Offer

Tuesday, Aug 14, 07
Today I got a job offer, sounds good and unexpected to me, either about the field of work or the scope of work.

Is it my destiny to take the job?
Will it suitable for me? or am I suitable for the job?

Ok I will post my CV and let see how it work.

Korean drama: Snow White

This is a good drama, I like it, aka of Betty la vea a telenovela shown in Indonesian television years ago. It is also known as Taste Sweet Love, with total 16 episodes.

The ugly duck becomes swan one day. Not only Han Jin-woo the man and best friend she loved for 8 years starts to notice her, now Ma Young Hee also involves with Han Sun Woo, the brother of Han Jin-woo.

For myself I prefer her to coupled with Han Sun Woo too. A happy ending, finally the brother could accept the couple.


Only You

I like this drama!

The same actress who plays the lead role in Sassy Girl Choon Hyang. Some part very sad and more realistic than other comedy drama.

Love story in the culinary world between a pasta chef and the restaurant owner who several years ago in Veneza had their one-night-stand and by misunderstanding the man left the woman. Chan Eun-Jae already has a 6 years old child as the result of their love. Han Yi-joon doesn't know it's his son. Through all the hardship they finally can get their happiness. Yes, it's happy ending.

The chemistry between Han Chae Young and Jo Hyun Jae is so good. I put his picture here, handsome right? I think this drama is so romantic with romantic restaurant interior. Should see this!!

18 vs 29

This kdrama is very funny. And the actress and actors are lovely too.

How can she acts like aged 18 ? And things become more complex when the amnesia she had is partly because of the fight with her husband prior to get divorce from him.
The husband try to behave good and show more care and love to his wife while his wife thinks that she is 18 and is in her way having fun with a school boy.
A happy ending, and worth to watch.

Full House

I like this kdrama.
It starred by RAIN and Song Hye Kyo who also starred in Endless Love.

Beautiful actress, handsome actor, and funny scene. Song Hye Kyo (Jee-Eun) also wears beautiful and colorful dresses ... the other guy Min Hyuk who is handsome and knows how to deal with woman is not a suitable rival for Lee Young Jae. I hate the role of Hye Won (Han Eun Jyong) which in many ways try to get Young Jae back. anyway Young Jae gradually fall in love with Jee-Eun and ables to keep her attention and love for him.

This is very funny series ... and also tears. I can feel and imagine how difficult it is for Jee-Eun to stay at a house-once-her-house-but-thanks-to-her-frens-now-Yong Jae house. In order to stay there while having no money to buy it she has agree to marry with Young Jae and become the servant at the same time.

Thumbs up!

Korean Drama: Hello Miss!

I watched this kdrama last week.

It's about a village girl Aegisshi Lee Su Ha (Lee Da Hee) who inherits and controls Hwa Ahn Dang, an Korean ancient inheritance and culture and about two brothers Hwang Chan Min aka city playboy, Hwang Dong Gyu aka 'useless guy' according to Su Ha. Things got worse when the family issue involved, including revenge, pride, mistake.

Ending: happy ending.
This is a very funny and fun drama. Enjoy many funny scenes.

Behind "My Dean"

This story I still dunno how to continue and to end, of course I will make it happy ending for the lead roles.

Maybe this is what another author faces, a time when dunno what to write ..

So lazy, and need more inspiration.

To be precise, I need more holiday!

Foto dg Artis

Hari Minggu minggu lalu (5 Agustus 07) kita Youth BIC poto2 dg 2 artis sinetron (pekerja seni) Indonesia yg sedang ada syuting film di thailand.

:D jadi malu, ternyata gua yg paling cantik hihihihi :D

Last Sunday (August 5, 07) BIC Youth took pictures with 2 Indonesian soap-opera actors .. guess which one is the actor? and guess, I'm the most beautiful one *wink wink* :D

Desperate: Youtube kok ga bisa sih?

sudah beberapa bulan ini youtube di thailand diblok .. maksudnya kita2 yg di thailand tdk bisa mengakses Youtube.
hasilnya, daku yg maniac drama korea kena imbasnya, jd sulit deh .. mau akses di web lain tdk selengkat Youtube.
btw, teman2 bisa jg akses ke ini spt youtube tapi asal Perancis. dan memang tdk selengkap Youtube ya ... tp Ok lah.

Nah, ketika keinginan menonton Drama Korea sudah sulit dibendung saya mencoba berbagai cara dan website: ---> ini ada drama asia (Korea, Jepang, India, Taiwan) tp tdk terlalu lengkap dan banyak link yg rusak (broken) ---> ini hrs mendownload dulu baru bisa menonton penuh, ada jg versi pendeknya utk nonton online jd kurang seru padahal sudah susah2 jadi member. :( ini banyak referensi film2 drama asia (Korea, Jepang, Taiwan, Cina etc) biasanya sebelum menonton saya membaca referensinya supaya bisa memilih sesuai dg cita rasa he he he :D

Dari 'trial and error' di atas akhirnya sy me…

Korslet untung Tdk kebakaran

tadi malam kejadian yg sangat menggemparkan ....

Kira2 jam 21.30 - 22.00 malam kalo tdk salah, abis tdk sempat mikir liat jam sih.

Tetangga sebelah sebelah lagi, itu kabel listrik di depan rumahnyanya korslet .. sampe berpijar2 apinya dan meledak2 ... krn kamarku di dpn jd tahu duluan sy pikir ada mercon yg dashyat eh .. terus menerus sampe 10 menit ada kali ... aku ketakutan, turun ke bawah trus naik lagi ambil baju dan paspor, ganti celana panjang sama bawa baju kerja dan sepatu kerja utk besoknya rencana mau lari in case klo kebakaran .... wuuuis seruuuuu banget! dag dig dug ...

mana pas ada org semprotkan pemadam kebakaran yg dr tabung itu masih meledak2 dan asapnya banyak sekali ...
ud gitu panggil mobil petugas (mgkn org PLN ya) dan akhirnya setelah 1/2 jam Ok .. tapi sempat banyakkkk sekali org2 berdatangan krn bunyinya yg keras dan percikkan apinya merah menyala2 ...

untunglah tdk terjadi apa2 dg kos tercinta he he ...

dan ada hikmat yg lain lagi:
pas kejadian banyak penghuni kos …

Holiday for Sleep

What do I do in my holiday?
well, I had a really good time at home. Just sleep .. like fainted.
What a lazy girl.

but I also did the cleaning, wash the cloths, clean the room etc.
Enjoy stay at home and wake up late, my favorite holiday.