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After holiday

Just gone through the tears blood week .. well necessarily really bloody ... what I mean is very tiring physically and emotionally. Did I do a very hard labour ... nay .. just spent a week holiday and when times come to start work at office seems difficult to pace with the speed :D :D :D ..

Truely ... When I don't have 'enough' things to make me occupied all my brain n creativity seems stop, won't run ... and life become so dull.

But If I only have some errands and tight schedules to meet it will exhaust me too.

So what is the conclusion of my short revelation during my holiday ..

I have thinking a lot, comparing some periods in my life the ups and downs and analyzing the problems (you know I am a wanna-scientist-but-ended-nowhere) .. and I really really realizes:
- for my body : I need to have talk to people, doing exercise (this part fails sometimes), eat good food (nyum nyum)
- for my mind (soul): I need some interaction with other people other than work related to sharp…