Monday, June 30, 2008

Tips to Keep Your Body Slim

Not only me who wonder why after two years in Bangkok I still haven't put weight. Some of my frens they even saying that maybe I have worms (???)

I ate quiet a lot compared to some girls. I eat almost everything: chicken,seafood, pork, beef, egg, vegetable, fruits, chocolate, milk, nuts, coconut milks etc. So here I will give you some of my tips to maintain:

1. Keep burning your calories. I go to work by walking, it's about 25 minutes distance with my not so long legs every working day.
2. Eat three times: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3. Reduce snacks. I don't eat a lot snacks, only sometimes when with friends, and don't eat a lot of fried things. Or eat fruits as snacks.
4. Control what you eat and keep it balance. If there are a lot of food to be eat, choose each in small amounts, and don't eat too much. If I have big party then the next day I will eat a lot of vegetable and fruits to keep it balance.
5. Have your dinner early. It's a habit in my family to have dinner at 6 pm, but usually because of work I have dinner at 7 pm.
6. Drink water. Normally I drink > 2 liters every day.
7. Check the waist size, and do exercises. Well this points not yet can be done regularly because of time constraints .. but it's really good to do the exercise.

well now this is what I can share, will add later if I remember something.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Amateur Photographer

A new hobby I have now ... photography .. as a very very amateur photography in some church community event. and some ppl called Ms. Photographer he he he

I experienced it is difficult to produce a good picture.
While the digital camera I used belong to church is quite a good one, the lack of some feature really really upset me.

On an occasion I tried to take pics from some children, and here is I got.

I was not quick enough to execute and the little girl already change her position. Maybe she was too bored to wait while I tried to put her face on the right composition and try not to shake my hand .... so she just finally stand from her sitting position ... hmm sorry girl ... this time failed again ... :( :(

A Rebellious Cartridge

Saturday, June 7, 08

Today after the birthday celebration I mentioned in previous post, still had many items in my to-do-list which not made me happy.
Having a lot things to do, well not really that a lot just my mind demanding some more time to relax and body demanding more rest

Anyway, after the celebration I need to print some DVD cover. Printing is easy: just turn on computer and printer and click 'print'. Yes but not that easy, because I need to design the text. That's mean I need to know the date of the sermon, the pastor's name, the topic of the sermon, which unfortunately some data was not provided by the person-in-charge-who-supposed-to-responsible for the completeness of the data. Well and it's also we need to put the pastor's pic on the pose when he is delivering the sermon.

If I didn't get the picture (not given by the PIC I mentioned above) I need to play the DVD and capture some of the picture from the recording. The quality is dropped and again I'm not happy of it. Sometimes need a Photoshop touch to cut only the pastor and put in a new background if the picture is not adequate in the raw state.

After I finish the cover design, another thing came. The printer is a special printer Canon i.... which can print on the DVD surface but the ink is in low state. So I need to refill the ink.

The refill process is the thing that make me so so unhappy. It takes a lot time of to put the ink into the syringe. First the ink will not go into the syringe no matter how hard I try nor how many different ppl who tries it. Finally a bright friend found out that the needle is not in a good condition ..

Then when transferring the ink to syringe all the ink got everywhere. It leave stains on my hands, legs and unfortunately on the floor of the pastor's house. What a naughty ink who doesn't want to cooperate ... or maybe the not experience me who trying hard to make the printer work!!!

Then I tried to put the ink from syringe into the cartridge. I go in from this side and get out from that side ... :( The cartridge has 2 compartment, with one of it has sponge to control the ink flow.
The more I put in the more it comes out. And it refused to stop flowing out. 3 friends I contacted never know about this .... ggggrrrrh I'm so angry to myself .. why this very little thing I couldn't do it????


Nasi Tumpeng

Saturday, June 7, 08.

I am backkkkk ...
After long time disappeared. Ya, I just had difficult time ... wonder some many difficulties in this year hmmm anyway it is not the subject ..

Today an Indonesian friend celebrate his birthday. Just a small party inviting everybody who attends the Fasting Prayer. As usual, the menu will be very awaited: Indonesian food!

This time I attach pictures .. too bad not have enough time to take more picture. And also to pay the respect for the one who celebrate birthday .... I really really want to take food picture but there are some other moments where need to be captured ...geez if there was other photographer I would be able to focus only to my interest ' foodie ..:).

The 'yellow mount' rice is called nasi tumpeng, made from mixture of glutenous rice + rice with some Indonesian spices. Sorry I couldn't tell you the recipe as I am not so keen in cooking now even after a very good chef explain to me the ingredients which I tried so much to concentrate on the conversation so that I could keep in track on what she is telling ,,,, hmmm .. But you could find the recipe in internet. Usually nasi tumpeng is presented on some Indonesian family celebration. It has some philosophy meaning beneath all the items, which I am not familiar (again).

It is accompanied with sambel goreng pete, ayam goreng (Indonesian fried chicken), dendeng sapi (dried spicied beef in red chilli) ... The big white plate above is filled with bakmi ayam (Indonesian chicken noodle).

Now I am hungry again after looking at those picture ... (drooling ... drooling mode on).