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At home ..
Him: How is your days?
Me: OK.
Him: Have you had dinner?
Me: I had already.
Him: Why you not waiting for me?
Me: I am busy, I need to finish the work.
Him: Do you need something ? Coffee or tea ?
Me: Hmmm no. thanks.
Him: Some cookies?
Me: No.
Him: Today there is something bad in work. Very very annoying man. So proud of himself.
Me: Hmmm .. oo
Him: You know him, guess he is your friend.
Me: Really, what is his name?
Him: Alex the celebrity.
Me: which one I don't remember.
Him: The one we met in the Mary's party. A man with strange dress. He came with his sister. You too had conversation remember?
Me: O that Alex. A wonderful man indeed.
Him: Pardon me ?
Me: Yes, he is a nice gentlemen, we have same hobbies. And he is very nice to his sister and his family.
Him: He is a very very bad man. He even talk to people without looking to their faces.
Me: Why you say that?
Him: This morning in the meeting. That what he done.
Me: I don't believe it.
Him: Why you not believe me ? You saying t…

Planning in Daily Life

A friend of mine, someday after had conversation had told me "You are too extreme"

The reason is, well there are some points which he considered for me being an extremist .. in life. WOW ... surprise me. I still don;t think I am so extreme.

So for you I will describe the points he mentioned.
1. planning.
For me for many aspects in life must plan it, for example we plan for next week where are we going beside the routine work, what is the special appointment etc. Do I need to prepare special dress for special occasion, if so do I need to purchase one, if so how much is the budget and when can I go to the shops ?
This all about set aside the time for some 'must-do' or 'will-do' things.

2. importance of information
In order to make it of course I will need information. What information? Information about the events before, long enough for me to make the decision how to set the time and manage the activities. What to prepare for it. Information to give some understan…

I finished the Project

This morning I had project defense. Fur you who don't know what is it, just imagine that the project presenter must present the project in front of committee members, the members will asking questions about the project. The difficult part is to explain our project as brief as possible while also present some important detail of the project so that the committee members have an understanding of what we have done and the results.

After passed it, all I can say is the preparation is much more difficult and more complex than the presentation itself. I spend several days for the preparation. From the power point concept I was helped by two-expert-friend who suggested me to include/exclude some points in the slides. And then to include all the diagrams (the project has some diagrams as the design of the new system) in the power point it took more than 1 days, including to format the pages. I also spent some time to read the report and made summary for presentation. Finally, it took only …

My Dean Tony (4)

I am already feel so boring with his this-and-this-chat and my answer oh-uhm-yes ... But I can not be impolite as he is polite to me. Still a voice in my heart remind not to trust him, beneath of those are some ugly faces ... wow, what I am supposed to do ? And nobody joining our conversation as they are traveling to another world ...

At a point he mention something inevitably interesting to me: he likes comic! And he likes Conan Detective. wow. well things become more difficult now ... so I have more words to reply in this interesting topic that I almost forgot that he is the man I 'should be careful of' and the topic goes to another hot topic : children, photography, music. Is he really the man ? Until then I gain myself and try to reduce the hotness of our conversation ...

Yes, I can not be too open to this man. I know he is something, there is something unpleasant he will hurt me again .. I will not let this happen. And I shall be more careful.

Well, to be honest from our co…