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My Dean Tony (5)

Today I meet him in a very strange condition. Here we meet again after lost contact for a very long time. I still remember 18 years ago.

I was at 4th grade 10 years old. I studied at a best private school in my hometown. The town is not so big. Most of my friends parents are my parent's friends. In the class we must sat pair with the opposite sex. Unfortunately for me, I got a terrible boy as my pair. And it was for one year.

To tell you the horrible I faced ... I was not very bright at that time. But most of the questions Teacher asked I knew the answers. But I just too shy to answer. That boy, Anthony, he knew it. He, who is not so bright as I do, would kicked my legs under the desk. He did it because he wanted to know my answer so that he could answer the questions. That I must faced for my almost one year.

I was very shy at that time. I even didn't have any friend. Whenever someone asked me questions I only answered yes or no. No more and no less. Only at home I could be my…