Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Love

Everyone must have heard of first love. The first time when love touch you ...
Love here is between man and woman.
Some people had it at teenage, some at youth age, for someone first love is the only love they have.

For me I forgot which one is my first love. Do I have one? I kind of remember of some 'like' to some persons, but surely they weren't love. Just an admiration from a little girl who wanted to be loved.

There is one thing close enough to first love. Years back when I was in primary school. A boy who was very quiet and shy. But then he moved to another city. Later we also moved to another city and we never contacted again.

Or about a friend from my junior high school. He is a boy who was very funny and very care to me. He is my senior. After he graduated he studied to a favourite private senior high school, and then we moved to another city. We lost contact again. This one surely I had some memory. What would happened if we still have contact? If there were internet at that time, we would still have contacted each other. Would he then be my husband ? wakakaka ..

Of course the first story was never be a first love. Because we never had a true conversation. For the second one, we were good friend. We shared stories, laughed together, but that's all.

Enough of the day dream. Now get to work!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Joy of the Lord

Everyone of us must be agree that life is not easy. Life offers joy, happiness, health but in many times it offers the opposite things. I can say this, as when I was so young I already knew what is sorrow. I couldn't explain, just somehow the facts in my life at that time told me that there is sorrow.

Years passed, and now I am in a foreign country. A thing that I never imagined, nor thought. I never thought that I would study master degree, but it is, and now I graduated. It should be a very happy thing for me. Yet it seem like a dream for me. In this happy day, some very small thing make me upset. A small misunderstanding about the rules and the ceremony has put me in a condition-that-I-never-wanted, but of course when the persons asking sorry what can I say beside forgive them? Maybe they don't know the feeling inside me ... so sad ..the other part of myself told me: "I told you so .. there is happiness" .. but I struggle to it.

No, there is happiness. God has prepared so many good things for me, so that I could be rejoice in Him. Only when I walk with Him and in His ways according to His plan for me, there is happiness. There will be some sad things, but my joy is from the Lord Jesus, and the joy from the Lord is my strength. It's not about what is the condition or situation, but it just a joy that come from my heart because God has given to me, and I will rejoice in Him.
All the sadness in my life is a grace from God, so that when I receive all his promises in my life I don't boast or proud of myself. Instead when I am lack nothing I still understand the feeling and situation of those who in need, who in sickness.

Have you know who Jesus Christ is? He is the Savior, who died in the cross to save our life, to redeem us from our sins. He died and risen, He live now. Open your heart and receive His abundant love, joy and blessing.