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Di Persimpangan Jalan

Sekarang gua lagi merasa berada di persimpangan jalan ..
kalao kita berada di persimpangan jalan Pratunam it's OK bisa memilih ke Platinum, Big C ato ke arah Pratunam.. kita bisa melihat bagaimana keadaan jalannya, apakah crowded atao tidak, macet ato tidak.

sedangkan gua lagi di persimpangan jalan, ga kelihatan optionnya apa aja ... apalagi di balik jalan tersebut, apa yang menunggu juga tidak tahu. Mana jalan berkabut lagi ... hik hik hik

Ya dibandingkan beberapa waktu lalu, apakah ini tegar ato karena udah ilang rasa
Feels like lost my feeling my senses but still alive, looks like dream but it's real ...

Yet can not figure what is in front of me
What's waiting for me there

I miss my frens ... where are you now???

Sad and Happy

Just came back from Indonesia.

My dad was passed away on October 1, 2008 so on October 2, 2008 I went home to Indonesia. It was sad, because I couldn't see my dad anymore, and he wouldn't be there for many happy moments in the future.

It was a happy time too, when I could spent some time with my family, chi chat and share the special moment.

I know that my dad has gone in peace and the most important, in Christ.
And I believe that it's part of His plan to bring goodness to me and my family, Amin.