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Sassy Girl Chun Hyang

Yesterday and today ..

I heard some Korean songs ... even I don't understand the meaning, it seems to have deep meaning. o.. so sad .. the setting was in sad scene of Sassy Girl - Chun Hyang. When Chun Hyang decided to engage with another man despite she has agreed to marry Lee Mong Ryong. After their friendship/relationship full of quarels and misunderstanding .. both feel sad when they have to apart from each other. At the airport, seeing Chun Hyang leaving with another her fiancee, Lee Mong Ryong finally collapsed.

I like Sassy Girl .. it's funny in most of the scenes ..

Ms Kim's One Million Dollar Quest

Recently I've been so attached to Korean movies. Some of them I've watched. The ones I like are Glass Shoes, Ms. Kim's One Million Quest.

About this Ms Kim's One Million Quest. I like it because it's very funny and fresh.
I like the actress also, she also played in Glass Shoes.

Some links below might be useful:

Boring .. Arghhh ..

Have you ever boring in your life?

I am so so boring. I don;t know where to go ... what to read ... things seem so not interesting to me at this point.
I don't want to talk to anybody .. I just want to be alone.
Can you understand ? Please don;t ask me questions, please let be me who know the answers. Even some questions I don;t have the answers ...

I am boring.

I want to see my first love.
I am boring to search for him, ... it's been more than 10 years.


I was so angry ...

I want that CD so much. It is very meaningful for me. A very sweet and beautiful old song sang by the original singer. Reminds me of somebody I love and I will always love.

I have saved my money carefully for months. Until then, when I have enough money I went there. But you were there also. You who so rich, can't you buy other CD ? You took something that is very precious for me. We had quarrel for it. I was not proud of it, no. I am not such a high tempered person, but your words has triggered me.

Why man can't be responsible for what he done ? How come ? He is sort of unworthy man. Doesnot know how to appreciate others. Why after this long you still made me angry all the time I see you ?

1 Baht Coin

Yesterday evening, on the way home, I saw a little girl on the street. She just stood there, her hand holding something. She kept look for something on the street. She opened her palms, there were some coins, I thought she had lost something. She counted the coins and she decide to lower her body. So when I was near her, I saw something shining by the street lights. I picked it up, it was a '1 Baht coin'. I thougt it was hers, so without say anything as I can't speak Thai well, I gave it to her.

She was very happy, I can tell from her face. It's something embarrasing, something made me sad. While for some people the coin worth nothing, but for the girl it is something.
Could it possible that she really need it ? Could it possible that she had worked hard for it ?

I wonder if I have will appreciate things in my life as presents as the girl reacts for the lost coins that had founded.

ME .. It's Me

I am just a little girl in this crazy world

Eventhough crazy world I like my life so much

and thank God for happiness and sorrows and for the blessing to see the beauty of His creation ...

I live my days as if they are presents for me ... so exciting to face many challenges and surprises bringing my life to many places to see many friends around the world ...