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Yohanes 3:16
Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan Anak-Nya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada-Nya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Merry Christmas 2007 & Happy New Year 2008

This year is a very special for me. May things happened that I never expected nor thought before. I could not see the good side, but now at the end of the year I can see the beauty of God's work in my life. Yes, I did ask God to interfere in my life, to lead me according to His way and plan for me. And He guide me every day, every single step He never leave me.
Not by my strength nor my wisdom that I could gain what I am today ... all because of His grace. Thank you Jesus for everything, You are my God, my Father, my best friend ...

Yet I'm waiting for His miracles in this remaining days before year 2007 ends. I believe in His promises.

May God almighty who creates all the living guide you as well, and pour out His blessings in all your life, this year and next years.

(Made this using Photoshop lead by some Photoshop tutorial ... )

Hope of Indonesia

Anyone who can accessed Indonesian channel please invite friends to watch this movie together. Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Let this be a blessing for Indonesia. We know that God is doing great things in Indonesia now, let Indonesia glorify God's name. Amen.

A Simple Wish that Not Come True

Sea Games just started this Dec 6, 2007 until Dec 15, 2007. It was a very good opportunity to participate in that very spectacular event to my opinion. Not as an athlete of course. You know that even some friends praised me of my slim build :P I don't like physical exercises. Thanks to the family heritage that I keep slim even I eat everything and almost in bigger portion compared to other woman ....
Back to Sea Games 2007, me and other students were offered to help in the Sea Games committee from the our Embassy side. It was very promising, even set a tour to Nakhon Ratchasima the main stadion for the event.

I'm quite disappointed that we were not involved eventually. I don't know what is the reason(s) behind it, I just know that I am very disappointed. It is just so right, the time and the place, now that I am in Thailand and have time to participate, why this must be cancelled?

Maybe this is the best for me. I just surrender to God, for He know the best for me.
Well now it&…

Mother is The Best

Everyone of us must have mother.
How do we treat her?
Be sure to love her, as she loves us so much.
I started to understand mother love after I graduated high school and lived at another city. I saw other people how some woman treated their children. And I remembered how my mother treats us. I will stop here before I start crying of this ...

May this article bless you all.

A Little Camel



I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do.
I had to hurry and get to work
For bills would soon be due.
So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,
And jumped up off my knees

My Christian duty was now done
My soul could rest at ease.
All day long I had no time
To spread a word of cheer.
No time to speak of Christ to friends,
They'd laugh at me I'd fear.

No time, no time, too much to do,
That was my constant cry,
No time to give to souls in need
But at last the time, the time to die.

I went before the Lord,! !
I came, I stood with downcast eyes..
For in his hands God held a book;
It was the book of life.

God looked into his book and said
"Your name I cannot find..
I once was going to write it down...
But never found the time"

Easy vs. Hard

Why is it so hard to tell the truth but Yet so easy to tell a lie?

Why are we so sleepy in church but Right when the sermon is over we suddenly wake up?

Why is it so hard to talk about God but yet so easy to talk about nasty stuff?

Why is it so bor…

Confession: Do You Love God?

God, when I received this e-mail, I thought...

I don't have time for this... And, this is really inappropriate during work.

Then, I realized that this kind of thinking is... Exactly, what has caused lot of the problems in our world today.

We try to keep God in church on Sunday morning...
Maybe, Sunday night...
And, the unlikely event of a midweek service.

We do like to have Him around during sickness...
And, of course, at funerals.

However, we don't have time, or room, for Him during work or play...

Because.... That's the part of our lives we think... We can, and should, handle on our own.

May God forgive me for ever thinking...
That... there is a time or place where.....
HE is not to be FIRST in my life.

We should always have time to remember all HE has done for us.
If, You aren't ashamed to do this...
Please follow the directions.

Jesus said, "If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father."

Not ashamed?
Pass this on ONLY IF YOU MEAN IT!!

Yes, I do Love…

Why You Anggry If I am Happy ?

I don't understand other people.
When I want to do something I like, it's a rare chance for me. It's a happy time for me.
But then my fren B he always talk bad about it, especially if my happiness in concern with another friend C.

B is more senior than me, I expect he should be more mature than me. Support me when I have chance to do something I like which I've ignored for a long time.

If B has a problem with C, it's not my problem. It's not my fault either. Why do you blame me for what happened to you ? I even don;t understand what is there between B and C? So why do I must be involved with your bad feeling?

Please forgive me B, it's difficult for me to agree with your opinion. I can not even smile for now, only for this matter. Maybe tomorrow I will smile and forget all this ridiculous thing.

Let me not have any evil in my heart.

Windy Winter Here

These weeks just disapear from Blogger. Have so many things to do, it's near Christmas so we have to prepare for Christmas. It's not a very difficult but since I need to edit picture and put some words using Photoshop which is not my field, I already feel uninterested before I start doing it.

Should try it, because time goes without waiting for me nor considering my emotions ...

I wish I could used Photoshop better, ... it's too DIFFICULT. It took me 1 day to put 4 pictures together in a page ... and to make some effect!

And it's winter now here, feel like want to sleep and lazy to get up in the morning. Why should I wake up early??? And why the blanket is so warm??? At 6.15 (am) when I go to the bus station ... it's so cold when the wind blows.

So temporary will not update this.

Hope you guys also in a warm room and avoid to get cold. God Bless you.

A Story of Friendship

One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books..

I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday?

He must really be a nerd."

I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on.

As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him.

They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt.

His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him

He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes

My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye.

As I handed him his glasses, I said, "Those guys are jerks. "

They really should get lives.

" He looked at me and…

Put The Glass Down

A professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it.

He held it up for all to see; asked the students,' How much do you think this glass weighs?'

'50gms!' .... '100gms!' ......'125gms' ......the students answered.

'I really don't know unless I weigh it,' said the professor,'but, my question is: What would happen if I held it up like this for a few minutes?'

'Nothing' the students said.

'Ok what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour? ' the professor asked.

'Your arm would begin to ache' said one of the students.

'You're right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?'

'Your arm could go numb, you might have severe muscle stress; paralysis;

Have to go to hospital for sure!'ventured another student; all the students laughed.

'Very good. But during all this, did the weight of the glass change? ' asked

The professor. 'No' the students said.

Then what ca…

Job Vacancy, need urgently!!


My Best Friend

You make me feel that I am loved.

You make me feel that I am very useful.

You make me feel that I am very worthy.

You make me feel that I am not lonely.

You make me feel that I could do everything when You were there by my side.

I love you.

The Salty Coffee

He met her on a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her, while he was so normal, nobody paid attention to him.
At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised, but due to being polite, she promised.

They sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable, she thought, please, let me go home... suddenly he asked the waiter: "would you please give me some salt? I'd like to put it in my coffee."

Everybody stared at him, so strange! His face turned red, but, still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it.

She asked him curiously: why you have this hobby? He replied: "when I was a little boy, I was living near the sea, I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea , just like the taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the salty coffee, always think of my childhood, think of my hometown, I miss my hometown so much, I miss my parents who are s…

Eight Great Ways To A Humbler You!

There is no room for God in him who is full of himself.

Most of us wouldn’t mind being a little more humble,
but oh how we hate to be humbled!

That hurts our pride,
But that kind of pain if good for us if we can welcome it and let it accomplish its purposes.
Remember the mantra of Olympians:

No Pain No Gain.

1. Look for the best in people.
Everyone has had some experience you haven’t and is your superior in that respect. Albert Einstein who is largely regarded as one of the greatest minds ever, said, “I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”

2. Give sincere compliments.
It’s hard to look down on others while telling them what you admire about them. The more you put positive thoughts about others into words, the more good you’ll see in them and the less likely you will be to fall into the egotism trap.

3. Be quick to admit your mistakes.
It’s been said that the hardest words to say in any languages are “I was wrong”. Those who refuse to do so out of pride are l…


TRUST is a very important factor for all relationships. When trust is broken, it is the end of the relationship. Lack of trust leads to suspicion, suspicion generates anger, anger causes enmity and enmity may result in separation. A telephone operator told me that one day she received a phone call. She answered, "Public Utilities Board." There was silence. She repeated, "PUB." There was still no answer. When she was going to cut off the line, she Heard a lady's voice, "Oh, so this is PUB . Sorry, I got the number from my Husband's pocket but I do not know whose number it is." Without mutual trust, just imagine what will happen to the couple if the telephone operator answered with just "hello" instead of "PUB".

A man asked his father-in-law, "Many people praised you for a successful marriage. Could you please share with me your secret?"The father-in-law answered in a smile, "Never criticize yo…

The Color of Friendship

Author Unknown

Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best. The most important. The most useful. The favorite.

Green said:"Clearly I am the most important. I am the sign of life and of hope. I was chosen for grass, trees and leaves. Without me, all animals would die. Look over the countryside and you will see that I am in the majority."

Blue interrupted: "You only think about the earth, but consider the sky and the sea. It is the water that is the basis of life and drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea. The sky gives space and peace and serenity. Without my peace, you would all be nothing."

Yellow chuckled: "You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun."

Orange started next to blow her trumpet: "I am the colo…

Transformation from Egg to Chicken, magnificent God's creation

The below pictures make us wonder, how great is our God!