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I want to write (but not academic :D)

This week I was so tired. I've tried to make the papers - the ones that required to do in order to pass a subject.

I found it interesting, actually, to have something well organzed to do, and to achieve something good. It is good to be able to develop yourself ... and now I am interested in developing my writing skill ... dunno abt other's opinion, but after one of the lecturer told me that I did an interesting paper, i become more confident in writing.

I want to write ... write ... write

I should spend more time practice ,,, and also read more as reference how to make a good story.


My Favorite Comics

When I was a kid, I like to read comics, even now. But now I have other things to read for example some text books which is not part of my hobby, but I must do it to survive :) ...

Recently, beside the Korean movie .. I remember .. again, some comics I like. Ok, now I will list them:
- Conan detective (orig. from Japan)
- Candy Candy (Japan - this I have watch the DVD TV version until episode 54, 4 tumbs up!!! including my toes :D)
- Kindaichi detective (Japan)
- Grover Duck, etc
- Donald Duck (my fav. in all of duck city)
- Snow White (I think this is novel or tales version?)
- Cinderella
- Bobo (children magazine Indonesia)
- Tintin (I think this is Europe comics, original in French)

I forgot the rest... if I remember, I will update it again ..

Holiday and Hibernate

Last week is Songkran holiday. So happy could have long holiday. We had retreat with some church families in upcountry for two days. I was not so well before the retreat, but by the grace of the Lord I was healthy on the ocasions and been able to enjoy it. Unfortunately, we had some class on holidays by some reasons.

These days I am busy just like hibernate ...
prepare for final exams .. must finish some paper assignment, and study some. also for the adv db need to practice some.

And this month I have tried to cook some food, very simple food. While my fren tried it, he said it is delicious. It's good as I have think that those food only for me wakaka ...

Ok its time to hibernate ..

I am Me

I may not the brightest in the world
I may not the most beautiful girl
I may not the best daughter in the world
I may not cook the best food
I may not sing as best as other singers

but to my parents I am the best
They proud of me as who I am

but to the Lord Jesus my Savior
He accepts me
I am who I am
Unique and no one else like me

Thank You Lord ...

Thank you Lord for Your love

eventhough I always hourt You
eventhough I made You sad

Thank you for your grace in me
Only by your grace I am here today
Not by my power but by the spirit

Thank you Lord
You died to redeem me
It supposed to be me on the cross
as the punishment of my sins
But you took it for me ...

Only in you
the greatest love
I will thank you all my life

Simple Life

My family have taught me many things. The way to eat, to behave toward other people, to see many issues in my life. One unique thing is to live in simplicity.

Years back, my great ancestors who came from China had been lived in poverty. They had been moved from one place to another place, until they stayed at place where my hometown now. They had been struggled for their lifes. The way to take care of spending has become a habit in our family until now.

When people now get into consumerism era, they buy want they want because of the advertisement or because everybody have it. In contrary, usually before spending something we ourselves ask some questions.

Do we really need it ? Or we want it just because of the the advertisement, or somebody else have it so we must have it also ?

When I was Broken Heart

I have a friend. He is so sweet. I mean he is not 5 years old boy, but he is sweet to me. Whenever we spend time together, he always make me happy. It's not that he always so soft.

Sometimes he can be so hard to me. Once when I was broken heart years back. I was so sad that I lost my spirit and happiness, not that my-ex is so-that special to me, yes it was, but the most important part is being dumped is just like nobody wanting you. It hurts so much that I did not have willingness to have a quality life. He was there. Not to comfort me, but also he said some words, "When some one can not appreciate you, he is not deserved for your love. Don't cry for him, instead be happy because you discover it now rather than regret it later.

I know he loves me like a sister.

What a sweet friend.