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Kdrama Marry A Millionaire

Just finished watch this kdrama. Got stuck to it because the lead actress Kim Hyun Joo is the one who plays in Ms. Kim Make One Million Dollar Quest ...

I like this serial, of course because of the lead actress ... the character Han Eun-young she played as the center of the story, is a confusing girl who struggling to get her life, and her love too. She was not sure if she loves him, and whether he really loves her. Through all the scenes finally she knows what she feels, and what he feels. Things seems very complicated because if she keep her love then Kim Young-hoon's carreer will be on a danger, because the famous actress and a daughter of the network boss Jung Soo-min will not let Young-hoon go to Eun-young.
It's happy ending yes, and as usual it has some parts which it drags to story too much ... the part when there is misunderstanding between them because of another man and another woman interefer. Not an extraordinary items in Korean drama, oh yes the character of the …

A Very Transformation

What can time to us?
I will say that God does many things in a period of time to me.
Yes, a year is a lot different, now and last year. Especially if you are a person who long and thirsty for God, surely there is muuuch different things.

I don't like some parts of them, but according to my friend they are good things. Maybe he is right, because in many cases an outsider can see more clearly than what we can see if we are in-process-by-God.

Things I used to like now I don't like them so much.
What I never thought of, that's what I am now.

Maybe this is only in the middle of something, so I can not see the ending of the process.
I believe that in everything God works to bring the goodness for whom who believe in Him.