Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another day finding myself

It’s been long time since last time update this blog. I can not imagine how fast the time flies, without my full involvement in all my activities. Some days filled with fatigue-ness which is not expected yet accompany me through my hard-deadline-time. I guess it makes me more like what I am no'w, a independent, more depend to God even in my little aspects in my life, hopefully not too independent in the perspective of human. Enough with the days when the tears and mourns coloring my days, enough with the insecure feeling I had, enough with the try-do-beat-the-other-top-achiever, enough with always-try-to-be-perfect ... I am not perfect, and I am proud of myself. Contemplating sometime inevitable for me. Guess it's an attribute of an introvert, although I myself sometimes feel the opposite of it.

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